Welcome to the Wisdom Book Club!

based on the book Welcome to Wisdom Beyond What You Know by Ulrika Sullivan

What if you could live your life feeling more connected, present, alive and with more joy every day?

Explorative small-group sessions are a great opportunity to get an increased understanding of how to live from the heart and intuition and how it applies to your life.


You are invited to four 1-hour sessions to explore, discuss and take action towards multidimensional heart-centered living:

Session 1: The Mind Driven Re-run Patterns - how do you identify and understand your own repeating mind-driven patterns and how they affect you?

Session 2: What is Heart-centered Living? The Fundamentals - understand more about energy awareness, intuition, and the body's wisdom.

Session 3: Deep dive into The Seven Inner Shifts to Multidimensional Living.

Session 4: Deep dive into The Seven Inner Shifts to Multidimensional Living.


We will explore, share, discuss the seven inner shifts of Ulrika's book in small groups on Zoom.

The sessions are free to attend, but you need a copy of the book to participate.



Who is Ulrika Sullivan? Learn more HERE.

Book Club DETAILS:

  • Start Date: TBD. You will be placed on the wait list for next cohort.
  • Time: TBD.
  • You'll need a copy of Ulrika's book to participate. Get a copy here.
  • BONUS: When you sign up you'll receive a book-bonus 3-part video-series!
  • Zoom links will be sent to you.
  • This event is free to attend. 

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